Our School Safety Plan:

Safety at Maharishi Vidya Mandir Neyveli is a priority. The safety committee, which is a group of Administrators, Teachers and Management team ensures that MVM School has an organized protocol to deal with any situation on campus.


Maharishi Vidya Mandir School is committed to implementing the safety measures to ensure that people and children are safe inside the campus. The jurisdiction of this committee shall be preventive as well as curative.


The School Safety Committee has an advisory and consultative function. The Safety Committee meets regularly to review the measures taken to ensure health and safety at work and to promote the effective cooperation of all members of the School. The Committee aims to review all policies and practices and consultative arrangements in the School. Regular review aims to ensure that all safety issues are being addressed and consultative arrangements are effective.


☛ Teachers are the most important human resource whose positive interventions in generations and maintenance of a safe and conducive academic environment work wonders. The right attitude and owning up the responsibility for smooth functioning of the school can play valuable role.

☛ Every teacher must be made aware of responsibilities as protector of children in his/her custody, and carry out the same with diligence. Teachers are particularly well-placed to observe and monitor children for signs of abuse, to recognize and respond to such abuse. They are the main caregivers to children outside the family and have close contact with children on a regular basis and accordingly can play a key role to prevent/detect abuse.


☛ Apart from responsibilities relating to education and imparting knowledge and skills to children, every teacher has additional responsibilities as care-giver to the child.

☛ Unauthorized vendors, carts, shops and other establishments in the immediate area and boundary of schools must be removed.

☛ CCTV surveillances.

☛ ID card is must for all students, teaching and non-teaching staff members.

☛ Staff managing toilets should only be female. No male staff should be present on school premises in support roles like toilet cleaners/ attendants.

☛ In case, children have to stay back for after school activities, there should be a reliable authorized adult in charge, preferably a permanent teacher who takes responsibility to ensure safety of children till the final dispersal.

☛ Absence of students: It is recommended that the school puts in place a system to ensure absence of a child from school is noted early in the day which makes it easier in case of accident/kidnapping. If a child is not attending school, parents must inform the teacher by email or sms not later than 10 minutes after the official start of school.

☛ No entry of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, laborers, etc. is to be permitted on premises during school hours even if a new wing is being constructed, unless it is to attend to an emergency, in which case the person must be accompanied by a school admin. All children must be taught in open classrooms, the doors of which should not be locked under any circumstances.

☛ Ensure safe drinking water.

☛ Fire Safety.

☛ First Aid Kits to be kept in schools to meet out any eventuality.

☛ Emergency telephone numbers and list of persons to be contacted in case of any eventuality shall be displayed on the notice board and other prominent places in the school premises.

Road Safety :

A basic sense of road safety must be taught to children as early as possible in the classroom. Inputs would be age-appropriate, namely: for very small children, inputs must include:

☛ Never to walk on a road without an adult.

☛ When walking with an adult, always to walk on the inner side of the road, not on the side of the traffic.

☛ Wherever possible, use the pavement.

☛ Never run across a road; while crossing, walking is better so oncoming vehicles find it easier to predict your path.

☛ How to cross a road - look right, then left, then right again (many adults themselves do not follow the second two steps, and therefore the child being aware of this is a good way for a child to take responsibility and remind the adult)

☛ Always use seat-belts; never stand in front seat of a car. Apart from the above, and especially for older children, basics of pedestrian safety must be explained.

☛ Always be alert when walking on a road that you are not in the path of any oncoming traffic viii) never use headphones or mobiles while walking/cycling on the road; focus completely on traffic and your own safety.

☛ Never walk behind a vehicle or bus that is reversing; preferably wait till it has stopped moving or cross from the front of the vehicle rather than behind it.

☛ If you must move between cars parked on the road, make sure you walk on the inner side rather than the outer side of the parked cars, to reduce proximity to moving vehicles.


All staff of the School should have responsibility to themselves and others to:

☛ Adhere to the school health and safety policies and procedures

☛ Promote and provide consultation for safety related issues though ongoing activities of the School Safety Committee, so that members of the School can contribute to decisions affecting their health, safety and welfare.

☛ Provide training and supervision to ensure work is carried out safely.

☛ Monitor and assess the school environment. Monitoring areas under their supervision to ensure that they are safe to use.

☛ Reporting and investigating all accidents and taking all reasonable steps to rectify identified hazards.

☛ Checking that necessary safety equipment required by regulation or recognized code of practice is available and used.

☛ Providing information, training and supervision to their staff and students

Committee members:

1. Shri. K. Venkateswaran, Principal, MVM Neyveli - Committee Chairman

2. Smt. P. Devi Arun, Vice Principal

3. Shri. J. Jayaprasath, Manager, MVM Neyveli

4. Smt. N. Saritha, NLCIL GH

5. Smt. P. Patchairani, ESI Dispensary

6. Smt. J. Annual Shebiya, Director Consultancy

In case of any suggestions or complaints, please send your email to: